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When can I expect the delivery?

Upon receipt of the order, the supplier will input the expected delivery date.
You can check the progress status of the delivery date, invoice creation date, and delivery confirmation date input by the supplier through the progress management screen on the buyer`s site.
If you need the product urgently than the estimated delivery date, please call us and we will take action.

The product I ordered was delivered incorrectly.

If you wish to exchange or return due to quality dissatisfaction or a change of mind, please call us and we will take appropriate action according to the situation.

The delivered quantity is less than the ordered quantity.

If the delivered quantity is less than the quantity on the transaction specification, you can choose one of the three methods below.
① Do not accept the delivery until the total quantity is ready
② Accept delivery of only the delivered quantity and process receipt for that quantity in the system (in this case, you need to reorder the insufficient quantity).
③ Accept delivery of the current quantity and process receipt when the rest of the quantity is delivered.

Can I issue a tax invoice per business place or item?

If you contact us in advance, it is possible to issue a tax invoice for each business place,
and if you want a tax invoice for each item, it can be issued separately for office supplies and factory consumables. Please contact our person in charge in advance.

Inquiries about settlement/payment

Please call our call center.
Czech contact information coming soon